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  • tom4141fournier
    Jul 30, 2011
      [SNIP] IMHO, educational and informative posts like Steve's should be added to some sort of FAQ document and archived on this site for people to enjoy and review later. Just an outstanding post.

      Rusty Ayers [SNIP]

      In regards to Rusty's message, I could not agree more as to the quality of Mr. Abolt's response.

      If I could point out, all messages are in fact archived on the yahoo site associated with this group.

      The site also features a file section where any member can post a file.

      Unfortunately there is no "someone' with the time available to judge the merits of messsages and then reformat worthy messages and archive them in the file section.

      If I might be so bold as to suggest, perhaps if something catches someone's fancy, they can seek the permission of the author and then paste it into a file format that can be put in the file section.

      There are some folders in there to help organize items into areas of common subject matter.

      Otherwise, if someone posts a well thought out and researched piece that they wish to preserve and educate, it is a bit of a burden but perhaps they can post their message and also archive it in the file section.

      Your servant,

      Tom Fournier
      Occasional Part-time Moderator ...
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