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43794Re: 1812 Belgic and Stovepipe

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  • Bob
    May 12, 2011
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      Hello All
      Not sure about the 4th, but the 21st ran parallel through this period. We arrived in the Chesapeake from Italy in stovepipes and summer clothing. After these battles, we were transported to Jamaica to be re-equipped. This is where we received our gray wool trousers and belgics, etc. We went to New Orleans and then to the Florida forts, too. Upon returning, we landed in England and missed Waterloo by about a week - serving in the occupation forces. I'm not sure this helps
      Bob Boynton
      21st RNBF
      Kannapolis, NC

      > When the 4th took part in the Chesapeake campaign, and later the New Orleans
      > campaign, does anyone know what the light company would have worn? Belgic
      > shakos
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