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  • spencersmerc
    Nov 1, 2010
      If I may add a tuppence --

      What Craig says is spot on. The hook that some of these production companies are using is that "you're doing this to support the site." You're not. You're not contributing to the well being of the site in any way -- you're just helping some production company to line its own pockets better. This seems to be especially true if, as Craig says, it's the lowest cost option production company -- they've probably underbid drastically to get the work and are now trying to backfill, and they're doing it at your expense.

      Forgive me if I sound jaded! However, I am both sad and frustrated to have to report that this sort of request has already been made of me within the last month. "We're doing this 1812 video, and we hear that you have all the stuff we need. You'd love to lend us all of our props to support <insert site name here> . . . wouldn't you?"

      Ummmmm . . . that would be "No!"

      Those who know me will realize that I will do whatever I can to support our historic sites, and that I actively encourage others to do the same. But I'm not going to give a production company something they should be paying for, whether it be props, my time, the benefit of my experience, or whatever. Doing so does a huge disservice to those who do those jobs for a living -- after all, how would you feel if someone came into your business and did your job for free?

      *Rant over* I now return you to your regularly scheduled placid November morning. :)

      Best to all,
      -- Sioux
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