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42840Re: War Of 1812 Play & The Patriot.

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  • Tim Pickles
    Oct 16, 2010
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      Here is one sliver of advice about dealing with movie companies, never forget that their first priority is making a movie not public relations. If you are supplying one of the departments with anything they will be calling you and you will be able to get through to the hed man untill you have supplied the order as soon as you have compled the order you will be passed on to accounting whose first job is not to break his neck spending money. However if you have a few items in hand your department wants and you have corectly worded you agreement, someone from the department you are dealing with will go to the office and bug accounting till they send your check.

      It is not that anyone is out to screw you (at least for the vast majority of productions) it is just that they usualy have a boatload of problems and once you are out of their immediate focus you get forgotten about.



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      Good idea on the clipping. Thank you.

      I do not disagree with him. No flame war.

      Quite the contrary, I have information from another source about
      "Hollywood" movie makers that supports an attitude of extreme caution
      when dealing with them. What I desire is factual information or
      objective anecdotes that I can use in my own dealings with movie makers.

      Do I really have to learn all the lessons -- and there does seem to be a
      boat load -- the hard way? I hope not.

      I pose my question a second time because it may have been missed the
      first time. If I don't get an answer this time I won't ask him again.

      And in light of all that, if you still wish it off list then by all
      means I will take it off list.

      don stallone

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      > Might I suggest two things
      > a) Please clip your messages for those on digest
      > b) Please take this off list. As it seems you disagree with him
      and it
      > looks like a flame war is about to start
      > Thank you
      > Kevin Windsor
      > RNR

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