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42839Re: War Of 1812 Play & The Patriot.

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  • Greedo di Avarice
    Oct 16, 2010
      Good idea on the clipping. Thank you.

      I do not disagree with him. No flame war.

      Quite the contrary, I have information from another source about
      "Hollywood" movie makers that supports an attitude of extreme caution
      when dealing with them. What I desire is factual information or
      objective anecdotes that I can use in my own dealings with movie makers.

      Do I really have to learn all the lessons -- and there does seem to be a
      boat load -- the hard way? I hope not.

      I pose my question a second time because it may have been missed the
      first time. If I don't get an answer this time I won't ask him again.

      And in light of all that, if you still wish it off list then by all
      means I will take it off list.

      don stallone

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, Kevin Windsor <kevin.windsor@...>
      > Might I suggest two things
      > a) Please clip your messages for those on digest
      > b) Please take this off list. As it seems you disagree with him
      and it
      > looks like a flame war is about to start
      > Thank you
      > Kevin Windsor
      > RNR

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