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42777Re: [Bulk] RE: Ontario Liberals balk at 1812 memorial

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  • westhouse03
    Sep 29 8:58 AM
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      And I just posted what I read and was not commenting negatively or positively either way.

      Dave Westhouse.

      RE: [Bulk] RE: Ontario Liberals balk at 1812 memorial

      Let me state like Mark did at the beginning that I am not entering into a
      discussion just adding some information that I am aware of.

      Adding to Mark Dickerson's comments I would like to add that Hamilton
      East-Stoney Creek MPP Paul Miller should have done his homework a little
      more before going public in the legislature. The province which he should
      have been aware of formed a War of 1812 Secretariat back in 2007 and has
      been working on the War of 1812 bicentennial since then. It has divided the
      province into seven regions and his region which was formally under the
      Niagara region recently split and formed their own region and they are
      working towards making as many War of 1812 projects and initiatives a
      possibility including archaeology projects in the vicinity of the battle
      grounds at Stoney Creek.

      I don't think the government is trying to lessen the importance of
      soldiers that died for our country, they are just trying to direct everyone
      through the proper procedures in regards to War of 1812 bicentennial
      projects and initiatives. This proper procedure is through your regional
      representative as Mark indicated. I also agree with Mark that it is a fact
      that every project or initiative proposed across the province will
      unfortunately not happen. I have been approached by many people with great
      ideas for the bicentennial but unfortunately their projects will never see
      the light of day. Many people plans to see their projects come to life is
      plain and simple "just give me the money and I will make it happen".
      Unfortunately as many as you know it does not work that way. You have to
      come prepared with a plan, usually a committee as well as a sustainability
      plan which in most cases is the problem as they don't have a sustainability
      plan. It is easy to build or create something but how to you sustain it and
      fund it after it is built or created?

      Mr. Miller should be advocating for all the War of 1812 projects
      in his region and not just one single initiative. Him focusing on one
      project to a certain degree overshadows all the other great projects that
      the Hamilton region has proposed for the bicentennial. There are potential
      funding opportunities out there for every regions projects and working and
      finding that money will be easier for everyone if they work with their
      regional representatives. I have listed below the names and contacts for
      the seven regions across Ontario and encourage everyone to contact them if
      you have not done so already.

      Southern Georgian Bay Region - David J. Brunelle - 705-716-7124 -

      Toronto Region - Sandra Shaul - 416-392-8231 -

      St. Lawrence Region - Jan Bonhomme - 613-272-3200 -

      Algoma/Sault Ste. Marie - Kathy Fisher - 705-759-5443 -
      <mailto:old.stone.house@...> old.stone.house@...

      Niagara Region - Brian Merrett - 905-984-3626
      - info@...

      South-western Region - Charlene Houle - 519-682-2583 -

      Hamilton/Brantford/London Region - Maria Fortunato - 905-546-2424 -

      David J. Brunelle, OCT

      Project Director

      Southern Georgian Bay

      War of 1812 Committee


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      Of Mark Dickerson
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      Subject: [Bulk] RE: Ontario Liberals balk at 1812 memorial

      Let me state at the beginning that I am not entering into a political

      This is not the only project that is seeking funding from the government.
      The Tecumseh monument is having the same difficulty. Everybody believes
      that their own personal project is 'the most important 1812 project' out
      there. I would love to see a big pot of government, 'easy money' designated
      for this, however it has been stated from the beginning, that there is no
      such thing. All governments are trying to balance their spreadsheets. It
      will be up to all of us to work whatever resources we can find, both private
      and public. My best advice is to work with your regional 1812 facilitator.
      They have the connections and leads to apply for existing funding, grants,
      donations, and economic machinery to accomplish these goals. Remember, not
      every idea to commemorate the War of 1812 is not going to come into
      existence. I am not trying to be negative, I believe it's just a fact.

      We are all in this together.

      Mark Dickerson

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