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42645Let Us Be Real was Interpreting Anomolies

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  • larrylozon
    Sep 8, 2010
      Ladies and Gentlemen of this Yahoo Group

      If you visit the archives you will see that this debate of Women portraying Soldiers at 1812 re-enactments has been debated to it's limits.

      If the debate is to keep Jim happy that his Yahoo Group is functioning, by all mean continue.

      If it is to arrive at a solution "forget-about-it"

      In the War of 1812 women did not join the arm ... there may be a few instances where females fought but it was not the norm. At least what I have been told.

      It is great to talk of woman warriors but not in 1812 – 1815
      Is it not the time period we do?

      We cannot agree on hand sewn clothes, strait last shoes, wool versus canvas, facial hair ... so why should we be able to agree on female soldiers!

      The narrators at events have told the spectators that some of what they will see is not historically correct but the spectator and news reporters do not listen to what the narrators say.

      In a few weeks I will attend Mississinewa 1812 where I will narrate five or so tacticals and when I am through narrating there will always be a spectator who will come up to me and ask if a certain red/green coated regiment was at the original battle and I will tell them that the original battle was between USA Forces and Indians there were no Crown Forces in attendance.

      Every spectator is given a brochure on entrance which has the historical account of the Battle of Mississinewa but they don't read it or listen to what the narrator say.

      As this hobby slowly winds down for 2010 and we look forward to 2011 we can come up with many excuses why we do what we do. Shall we do the War of 1812 historically accurate as far as can be reasonably achieved `NO' we will always say we don't have the pox, dysentery, etc. but not all soldiers in the War of 1812 had those diseases, none of the solders smoked filter tipped, store bought cigarettes!

      There I have entered the minefield ! :^)
      ... but it's only a hobby !!!

      So, as was said, "OK, go back to ducking"


      --- "Victor Suthren" wrote:

      "... There is a spectrum of re-enactment that goes from the hard
      core, skin-out 'authentic' fanatic across to the "polyester pirate" held together with Velcro ... and ... It's only a hobby ..."
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