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42132Re: 1812 Idle curiosity: historical fiction for the era

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  • ronaldjdale@netscape.net
    May 7, 2010
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      There are various novels that are set on the high seas during the War of 1812. Among the better writers whose heros clash with Yankees are Alexander Kent, Patrick O'Brien, Dudley Pope, C. Northcote Parkinson and CS Forester.

      Once you have the tar on your hands and are panting for more nautical tales I would highly recommend Vic Suthren's novels which, although set earlier, are terrific books.


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      here are some good writers of Napoleonic fiction apart from Cornwell. See
      allinson, Scarrow and Youds. However, I can't think of any good who wrote
      pecifically on the war of 1812. There was one written by a Canadian Mennonite
      Block) about a chap who joined the Militia from a Mennonite community - hardy
      he stuff to excite, and it didn't.
      also read Nevin, but thought it rather comical. I may be mistaken, but I
      elieve that was the one in which the Glengarries were seen brandishing their
      est regards, and happy hunting
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      ubject: 1812 Idle curiosity: historical fiction for the era


      I was wondering if anyone out there can recommend some historical
      fiction for this war. While Bernard Cornwell's *Sharpe* series does cover
      the time frame, it is pretty specific to Europe. I have read Nevin's
      *1812*and enjoyed it, and am looking for something in a similar vein.
      Thank you.
      Looking forward to Ft. Meigs right after my exams are over for the

      John J. Ogden

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