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4174Re: Rifles----Blunderbuss ?!?! British perspective

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  • Craig Williams
    Feb 1, 2000
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      Actually Len my previous missive got cocked up somehow and should have
      read,"buck and ball is souly US, on this continent. Craig"
      And yes I'm pretty sure that not how to spell "souly" but my spell check is
      suffering from Microsoft "we don't speak English we speak American", and I
      am a little dyslexic.

      As to your comment " There were an incredable amount of arms and ammunition
      captured at Detroit, Mackinac, Raisin Queenston,Niagara, etc . Much of those
      arms and belting were distributed to the militia, so does it not follow that
      the prewrapped captured ammunition would be issued as well?

      I say yes of course it's possible but I've yet to find referrence. Perhaps
      someone else knows?
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