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41540Re: 1812 195 years ago - the Battle of New Orleans

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  • D Nunez
    Jan 6, 2010
      Thanks B!
      I needed a good laugh...
      Is that Smee with Lafitte?
      Those rascally Scots, not following orders and wearing their kilts!
      Aren't the mountains of New Orleans lovely this time of year?

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      Subject: 1812 195 years ago - the Battle of New Orleans
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      Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 1:14 PM


      As the anniversary of New Orleans draws near, I thought I would send a
      few links
      in the "Oh no" category, just for a wee bit o' fun.

      A lovely painting done in 1910:
      http://www.johnhors e.com/trail/ 01/a/01zz. htm
      I wonder if anyone can point out one thing accurate in it?

      Just the picture:
      http://haysvillelib rary.wordpress. com/2009/ 03/14/andrew- jackson-preview- 1/

      http://www.history. army.mil/ art/225/NOrleans .jpg

      Oh look! Daniel Boone AND David Crockett were there!
      http://www.britanni ca.com/EBchecked /topic-art/ 298760/119494/ Andrew-Jackson- During-the- Battle-of- New-Orleans- illustration- by

      http://www.bookpala ce.com/acatalog/ Embletonbattle. jpg

      Why does Latitte remind me of Laurence Harvey in "The Alamo"?
      http://www.readingw ell.net/landmark /Book0189. JPG

      Hey, Lego my Lego!
      http://www.dailymot ion.com/video/ x1lzsy_the- battle-of- neworleans_ creation


      93rd SHRoFLHU
      THE Thin Red Line
      www.93rdhighlanders .com
      www.myspace. com/93rdhighland ers
      www.new.facebook. com/people/ Sutherland_ Highlanders/ 1120912511

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