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41396RE: 1812 Re: Naval Establishments Awards

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  • Tom Hurlbut
    Dec 9, 2009
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      Well, for my part, I always abbreviated the School of the Sailors as SoS..
      Is that any better?

      "Commander (acting)" Tom


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      "MasterAtArms" wrote:

      "Perhaps, however, this is an addition that might be considered at some
      future point in time, particularly if the awards are judged at a GT rather
      than a SOTS event."

      Whatever the outcome of the Little Buttercup vs Lady Hamilton debate, one
      can only hope that the Commodore will put his mind to devising a less
      unfortunate acronym than "SOTS" for this worthy nautical endeavour.

      Unless of course the construction was deliberate in which case... Oh, never

      Warmest seasons greetings to all!


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