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4135Re: sutlering at the Homestead

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  • Sean
    Feb 1, 2000
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      >From: Radar <correus@...>
      >Where is this site located?

      For a more detail description than that which Larry "the human compass"
      Lozon gave...

      John R. Park Homestead is in Essex County - Ontario - Canada. To be more
      precise it is located on the shore of Lake Erie about half way between
      Harrow and Kingsville on County Rd. 51.

      The Homestead consists of a house, horse barn, animal shed, sawmill (with a
      really cool steam power saw), blacksmith house and various and sundry other
      small buildings. The house is original and dates from the early 1840's. The
      other buildings are either newer or were rebuilt on the original foundation.

      As to the date I posted (July 8/9)... well I could be wrong but I will be
      checking the details this evening when I see one of the other organizers.
      It could well be July 15/16.

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