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4132Nock's volley gun

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  • tlubka@pathcom.com
    Feb 1, 2000
      Roger Fuller wrote:
      >BTW I have seen no mention of Mr Nock's seven-barrelled volley gun ever used on land, nor on ships, in active service.<

      Roger, Roger, Roger!
      Have you forgotten Mr. Sharpe! Didn't his Sgt. carry a volley gun?
      Gosh Roger, everything in the Sharpe novels has to be correct right???;-)

      On a more realistic note I remember when a Mr. Larry Stutt at the Erie P.A.
      event (no longer an event)had the opportunity to fire a repro Nock Volley gun.
      He spread 3 rounds amoungst the 7 barrels (big rounds, 120 grains each). He fired the gun from the hip. He did manage to stay on his feet.
      I'd love a volley gun but cleaning it would be a real pain in the you know what!


      25th US/GLI
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