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4131Re: Rifles----Blunderbuss ?!?! British perspective

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  • Roger Fuller
    Jan 31, 2000
      Uh...I have no idea what this discussion is all about, and to where it's supposed to be headed :^), but in the British Army of the War of 1812 era, at least in the rifle regiments, I have seen no reference to buck and ball at all being used either in combat or in garrison. I should imagine the buckshot clattering about in the rifled barrel with the ball would throw the path of the ball off a bit, rendering the shot inaccurate, and the rifle superfluous. Up close? Another matter. I'll keep on looking in my references for ball and shot together in a rifle in the British Army, maybe something will turn up. Riflemen always kept- or were supposed to keep- a few musket-style cartridges of undersized ball (and maybe buckshot?)for use in an emergency, but the rifleman's best weapon outside of his rifle was his legs*- when the going got tough, the tough got going- and fast!

      * It sure wasn't the sword- very clumsy, but still deadly when fixed. It had a 1 1/2 edged blade. Still best for chopping firewood, though.

      Blunderbusses in the British Army? No idea. If used, then probably not as official issue. Maybe by wagon drivers, or civilians contracted to serve the army as conductors or sutlers? The only advantage a blunderbuss would have would be the swamped muzzle, easier to load on a pitching wagon or coach. The shortest British Army firearms used in this era besides pistols were the Paget carbine (smoothbore), mostly by light dragoons, and the privately made Baker carbine (rifled), by a few light infantry and Rifles officers.

      BTW I have seen no mention of Mr Nock's seven-barrelled volley gun ever used on land, nor on ships, in active service.

      3/95th (Rifles)
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      From: "Annette and Lloyd Gower" <agower@...>

      Their were times riflemen were deployed with muskets , we are not unfamiliar to buck and ball , and understand not wanting to be on the receiving end , blunderbuss realy !
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      Subject: [WarOf1812] Rifles----Blunderbuss ?!?!

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      Hey Annette er' Lloyd,
      thot you were rifles,
      do rifles shoot "buck n' ball" Roger???
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