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41158Re: Was: 1812 Firearms issued to non-Federal US troops/ accuracy

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  • d_squared6
    Nov 4, 2009
      Ok-- I have been watching this off and on all day and decided I have nothing better to do than jump in....

      Larry-- Accuracy can very well start with vocabulary. While some poor folks may still have had the misfortune to be issued the now-ancient French-made flintlocks created at the late Royal arsenal at Charleville, it is likely that most of those would have passed on by 1812. Yes....I have seen original 1812-vintage weapons with "Charleville" still stamped on them, so don't bother splitting hairs. Yes, there were some. That being said, most US, musket-toting types were using a US musket manufactured in one of the US arsenals-- Springfield, MA or Harpers Ferry, Va. So let's leave the Charleville talk to the Rev. War or F&I community, shall we?

      That being finished, ideally militia units in the US were supposed to be issued weapons from federal stores when "federalized." Obviously this did not always happen, but if one cannot find specific information on the unit one is doing, it is a good premise from which to start. Ironically, there were more than a few Americans using Brown Besses as well-- the US had bought up a bunch in the early 19th century. Artillery men in particular seem to have gotten these-- and we all know about artillerymen having bigger balls, so I won't go there. Congratulations....you're .06 caliber (or so) less dead if you are hit by an American musket ball.....whatever.

      That the Royals would have accepted captured weapons that didn't take the ammunition they had (and with little opportunity to replenish) suggests that they would have been in dire straits indeed. Maybe they were.....I haven't done the research on that. But isn't all this missing the spirit of the original question?

      Thanks for getting moose poo on us Mark!


      L2 wrote:

      > With the capture of Fort Detroit, the Crown Forces captured many stands of US weapons (Charlevilles) were issued to units stationed in Southwestern Ontario. It is not a stretch that the 1st (Royal Scots) Regiment may have gotten some of these weapons.. . . >
      > Yrs.,
      > L2
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