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41008Re: 1812 Re: Jason Everett's secret affair with Paula Abdul

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  • Jack reimer
    Oct 8, 2009
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      and now maybe this all could be shifted to the Paula Ab Dull fan club website ?
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      Let me first extend my thanks to those fellow officers who have expressed their support, and especially to those who who would stand by me.

      As to the previous encounter between Mr. Windsor and myself, I have a different recollection of the circumstances. My memory has it that Mr. Windsor challenged me for having referred to a particular woman as "a common whore." A damnable lie! I never said anything of the sort. Indeed, she was anything but "common". I felt it most improper to denegrate anyone who is skilled at their craft.

      A special thank you to Mr. Hobbs for giving us a lesson in lexicology. Also for his suggestion that silence would be the most appropriate response. However, I think Mr. Windsor should be given a most definite lesson, even if only for general principals.

      Your Humble & Obedient Servant,
      R. Jason Everett
      Inc. Militia of U.C.

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