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    Sep 29, 2009
      With all due respect......relax!
      As the organizers of this event, you may rest assured that we are quite well aware of who Rick Mercer is, what he does and above all.....what his intentions are for this weekend. His crew will NOT and I repeat NOT have free reign to do as they please. They have been read the riot act and are well informed that they must be as inconspicuous as possible. They will not be allowed to disrupt our weekend.
      These people are very excited about what we do and the upcoming bicentennial and the only lampooning they will be doing will be Rick himself.
      I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend. It's looking once again to be an incredible event.  

      Hal Dennison
      I teach people like "you" how to make six figure incomes working from home.

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      Also please be reminded that sometimes exposure kills!

      I mentioned this yesterday to a member of the group that has invited them and now will mention it here. First off...I like Rick Mercer's show....yes, I have seen it blah blah blah...

      Rick Mercer (and most of the CBC comics) make a sport out of making fun of Americans. In fact Rick Mercer had a show titled, "Talking to Americans" but could be correctly titled, "Making fun of Americans". I am worried that this could happen out Fanshawe. Will he try to make our American re-enactors look stupid? Does he know that the majority of the re-enactor (or maybe all for that matter) are Canadian?

      We are all here to celebrate and commoemorate history. Was anyone the bad guys? Yup all of us were! Were there any heroes? Yup all of them who fought for the honor/honour of their country.

      So if the show makes re-enactors look foolish, crazy, wacky...whatever. ..people say that about us anyway...if it makes history and those of REALLY fought look foolish...I have a problem with that.

      I think the benchmark in this is to take whatever he is going to do and to think of him in a modern day soldiers uniform as well. If whatever he is doing makes you cringe and seems disrespectful, it should for 1812 as well.

      Anyway, that is my take on it.


      To: WarOf1812@yahoogrou ps.com

      I am reminded of an old adage that recently seems to be much appreciated among modern celebrities:

      "ANY publicity is GOOD publicity!"


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