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  • mikedeajansen
    Sep 28, 2009
      From: Calvin Arnt <americantory@...>
      Date: September 27, 2009 11:41:50 PM EDT (CA)
      To: TheWarof1812@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: 1812AndNow@yahoogroups.com, Authentic1812er@yahoogroups.com, 1812Civilian@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [TheWarOf1812] Special Guest at Fanshawe
      Reply-To: TheWarOf1812@yahoogroups.com

      Dear List,

      With great pleasure I have the honour to advise you all that there
      will be a special guest at this year's Fanshawe 1812 re-enactment
      Oct. 3,4. Popular Canadian comedian, Rick Mercer of the Mercer Report
      (www.cbc.ca/mercerreport/ or www.rickmercer.com/) will be in
      attendance Saturday and Sunday. This is an initiative I personally
      arranged beginning two years ago thinking it would be a way of
      promoting our time period leading up to the bicentennial. Rick will
      be falling in for the weekend as a guest of our unit, 1st Reg't,
      Lincoln Militia, and joining our ranks to hold off an American
      invasion of this proud colony. Rick will be participating in military
      battles, helping our ladies cook in camp, posting guard duty among
      other things. Our desire is that he experiences what it was really
      like to be a militia soldier during the War of 1812. Though most of
      the gags will be shot with our unit, we fully understand that others
      will want to be in on the filming and wherever that is possible we
      will certainly do so. We absolutely will need the input of the
      American forces. We will incorporate others whenever possible. Video
      and still pictures with Rick are completely welcome during his stay
      with us and you may use those photos for promotional purposes if
      you'd like.

      Rick will not be sleeping on site and will exit camp each day. If
      you're wondering his whereabouts, the best would be to stop by our
      camp, 1st Lincoln Militia, and see what's happening there.

      On a related note, if anyone has an extra stovetop shako for Rick to
      use, we could use one as back up in case the one we have won't fit.
      Rick's head size is:

      hat: 7 3/4 (25" head circumference)

      Look forward to seeing many of you there. It will be a once in a
      lifetime opportunity, provided to you courtesy of the 1st Lincolns.

      Calvin Arnt, Captain.
      1st Reg't, Lincoln Militia.
      Capt. James Crooks Light Coy.
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