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40368Ontario MPP Kim Craitor Promotes the Red Geranium to Commemorate the War of 1812

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  • Kevin Windsor
    Jun 1, 2009


      June 2, 2009 - For Immediate Release

      Niagara Falls Museums 905-358-5082

      Contact: Kathleen Powell, Museum Manager

      Email: niagarafalls1812@...

      Ontario MPP Kim Craitor Promotes the Red Geranium to Commemorate the War of 1812

      When members of the Ontario Legislature arrive in their offices Tuesday, June 2, they will each find a pot of red geraniums. The flowers are provided by the Niagara 1812 Legacy Council, the Niagara Falls 1812 Task Force and Kim Craitor, MPP for Niagara Falls who will introduce a private members bill to recognize the red geranium as the official floral emblem to commemorate the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 in Ontario.

      The War of 1812 affected nearly every part of Ontario. The Niagara frontier experienced some of the heaviest fighting during the war, and battlefields from that time still remain intact as a reminder of these historic battles. Starting early in the evening of July 25, 1814, the Battle of Lundy's Lane effectively halted the American advance into the heart of the Province. It is considered one of the bloodiest battles ever fought on Canadian soil.

      In Niagara Falls, the red geranium has a long association with the War of 1812. Years ago, the late Ruth Redmond bought properties to save the Lundy's Lane Battlefield from urban development and planted red geraniums as a tribute to "her boys" - the soldiers of all nationalities who died there. In 1996, Ruth gave "Redmond Heights" to the City of Niagara Falls, fulfilling her dream of a historic park to remember the Battle of Lundy's Lane.

      Designating the red geranium as the floral emblem of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 is a tribute to those who died in the War of 1812, to Ruth Redmond and to all civic-minded Ontarians like her who dedicate time and resources to preserving and honouring our history.

      The Lundy's Lane Battlefield Legacy Project includes the renovation and expansion of the Lundy's Lane Historical Museum including the creation of a War of 1812 Visitor Centre and associated improvements to the visitor experience on the Battlefield site. A pedestrian gateway walkway over Lundy's Lane itself unites Ruth's historic park to the established Lundy's Lane Battlefield National Historic Site.

      The Niagara Falls Board of Museums acknowledges the funding by the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario, as well as the City of Niagara Falls for their financial support and steadfast enthusiasm for our Legacy Project.

      Kim Craitor's legislation invites all residents of Ontario to join Ruth in her tradition of planting red geraniums in memory of all those soldiers who fought for Canada 200 years ago.
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