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40229Mississinewa/ Fanshawe was 4th Foot

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  • Larry Lozon
    May 5, 2009
      Yes Mr. Dennison

      Sadly there is a date conflict this year
      (Mr. Westhouse are we having this conversation again?!?)

      Oct 2-4 Mississinewa 1812 - Marion, Indiana, USA
      Oct 3-4 Fanshawe 1812 - London, Ontario, Canada

      Thank you for your offering of `Good Luck' trying to sell Mississinewa this year.

      There will be those who attend Fanshawe 1812 and I know of some who will travel to Mississinewa 1812.

      I can only hope both events are attended well as they are both good 1812 events.

      My comments were not to belittle Fanshawe as I know your group [1st (Royal Scots) Regt. Grenadier Company] sponsor the event but rather to inform those who would like to attend Mississinewa that it is not on the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.


      --- HAROLD DENNISON wrote:

      Mr Lozon,
      Here's one more you can quote.....See you all at Fanshawe!!!!   :)
      Wait a minute....is that a conflict because Mississinewa moved their event ahead a week this year??? Good luck trying to sell that one this year, Sir.
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