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    May 5, 2009
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      Mr Lozon,
      Here's one more you can quote.....See you all at Fanshawe!!!!   :)
      Wait a minute....is that a conflict because Mississinewa moved their event ahead a week this year??? Good luck trying to sell that one this year, Sir.

      Hal Dennison
      I teach people like "you" how to make six figure incomes working from home.

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      With all the talk of Mississinewa 1812

      May I point out to the Canadians that this is one of the years
      that Mississinewa 1812 http://www.mississi newa1812. com
      is not on the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend (yes we have a different Thanksgivings day than the Americans)

      Oct 2-4 Mississinewa 1812 - Marion, Indiana, USA
      Oct 12 Canadian Thanksgiving Day

      So the excuse of Thanksgiving Day being a Family Celebration won't work this year

      If your excuse is "it' s too far to drive" - think of those in Texas and Georgia who make a two /three day drive to attend this event

      Or if your excuse is "there's the USA/Canadian border to cross" there is still time to obtain a passport.

      If you still need somethining there are over
      100 sutlers/merchant/ food booths at this event to shop

      Yes I do love the event at Mississinewa/ Marion, Indiana

      It is the last time to socialize with re-enactors from the USA till next year.
      I may only see them this year at The War of 1812 Grand Tactical.

      The War of 1812 Grand Tactical is at Crysler's Farm next to Upper Canada Village (where the `Crossing' was filmed) near Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada and is on July 11-12

      July 11-12 Grand Tactical Crysler's Farm - Morrisburg, ON
      Oct 2-4 Mississinewa 1812 - Marion, Indiana, USA
      Oct 12 Canadian Thanksgiving Day

      So to quote Hal Dennison: "I hope they'll "all" have the opportunity to introduce themselves to one and other well in advance of Mississinewa at the Grand Tactical in July."

      And for those new to this Yahoo Group visit

      United States Forces 1812
      http://usforces1812 .tripod.com

      Crown Forces North America 1812
      http://1812crownfor ces.tripod. com

      WAR Of 1812 Events
      http://royal. scots.tripod. com/warof1812eve ntslist

      Sutlers & Merchants
      http://1812crownfor ces.tripod. com/sutlersmerch ants

      1812/2009 Grand Tactical Webpages
      http://www.cryslers farm.com
      http://1812grandtac tical.tripod. com
      Annual War of 1812 Grand Tactical
      July 11-12, 2009 Crysler's Farm
      Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada
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