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39780Re: 1812 Spellen was Dydd Gwyl Dewi

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  • Iain Burns
    Mar 4, 2009

      Spelling counts, but it does vary by nationality at least in your example....

      WhisKY is the Scots spelling
      WhisKEY is the Irish.

      The problem of course is converting The Gaelic into English leaves some room for variation.

      Same is probably true for Welsh, and I'm sure it was even harder in the old days when quills didn't have Spell Check.

      ( I sometimes wonder if my computer does!)


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      Reading this Yahoo Group daily, I didn't think spellin' counted

      (Whisky, Whiskey, Harlech, Harlick, etc.)


      --- John Harris wrote:

      Hey Larry
      I think (and hope you meant) "Men of Harlech" as opposed to "Men of Harlick"! A simple spelling error but it can mis-interepreted in a very unusual way!

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