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39747British soldiers singing "Men of Harlick" was Dydd Gwyl Dewi

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  • Larry Lozon
    Mar 2, 2009
      "Men of Harlick"

      Wele goelcerth wen yn fflamio
      A thafodau tan yn bloeddio,
      Ar I'r dewrion ddod I daro,
      Unwaith eto n un:
      Gan fanllefau'r tywysogion
      Llais gelynion, trwst arfogion,
      A charlamiad y marchogion,
      Craig ar graig a grbn!
      Arfon byth ni orfydd.
      Cenir yn dragywydd;
      Cymru fydd fel Cymru fu,
      Yn glodus ymysg gwledydd,
      'Nghwyn oleuni'r goelcerth acw,
      Tros wefusau Cymro'n marw,
      Annibyniaeth sydd yn galw,
      Am ei dewraf dyn.

      Hark I hear the foe advancing
      Barbed steeds are proudly prancing,
      Helmets in the sunbeams glancing
      Symru fo am byth
      Men of Harlech lie ye dreaming?
      See ye not their falchions gleaming,
      While their penons gaily streaming
      Cymru fo am byth.
      From the rocks rebounding
      Let the war cry sounding
      Summon all at Cambria's Call
      The haughty for surrounding
      Men of Harlech on to glory
      See your banner famed in story,
      Waves these burning words before ye,
      Cymru fo am byth!


      Men of Harlech! In the Hollow,
      Do ye hear like rushing billow
      Wave on wave that surging follow
      Battle's distant sound?
      Tis the tramp of Saxon foemen,
      Saxon spearmen, Saxon bowmen,
      Be they knights or hinds or yeomen,
      They shall bite the ground!
      Loose the folds asunder,
      Flag we conquer under!
      The placid sky now bright on high,
      Shall launch its bolts in thunder!
      Onward! 'tis the country needs us,
      He is bravest, he who leads us
      Honor's self now proudly heads us,
      Freedom, God and Right!

      --- "Victor Suthren" wrote:

      My grandfather … used to sing it in a beautiful tenor that held up
      even if he was well into his umpteenth beer.
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