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39715Re: 1812 Crossing the border (Also a Joke)

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    Feb 28, 2009
      Actually Ed, from where Kevin is, in Niagara Falls, it's faster to go through New York to get there than to go through Ontario. He would have to back track around Lake Ontario and then run the congestion gauntlet through the "Golden Horseshoe".  
      I think his suggestion was though, that he crosses the border regularly and it's no big deal. I concur. 

      Hal Dennison
      I teach people like "you" how to make six figure incomes working from home.

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      Don't you already live in Canada? Or do you go to Chrysler's Farm via New York?


      Ed Seufert, Cpl
      1812 Royal Marines
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      The Cdn Border guard will say, "welcome to Canada; where are you going?"

      You say, "to Crysler's farm for a War of 1812 re-enactment! "

      "Do you have any weapons?"

      "Yes a flintlock musket and 1 pound of black powder"

      "Are you bringing in any meat, citrus fruit, or firewood?"


      "thank you enjoy your stay"

      Pretty easy, I do it all the time; it is no big deal. . .


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