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  • HQ93rd@aol.com
    Feb 22, 2009
      Harry, you will get all that and more as part of the Highland Brigade....even if they have to cart me around in an ambulance! (Just ask Highlanders who have served under me before over there!)

      93rd SHRoFLHU
      THE Thin Red Line

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      From: Harry Pilotto <hpilotto42@...>
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      Sent: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 9:23 am
      Subject: Re: 1812 Waterloo 2015

      For what it's worth on this subject, here's the view of a Redcoat
      Highlander Private. I would only be interested in a Waterloo in
      Europe, portraying my own unit. Cost, logistics, politics can all be
      overcome, individually if necessary.

      No setting can beat the actual thing: marching thru tall rye in a
      kilt, forming a square agains hoards of French Cavalry, having the
      Piper pipe around the outside of the Square in the thick smoke...
      truely the closest one can get to a Time Machine.

      2015 will give me 30 years in reenacting, and I too plan to hang up
      the musket and bonnet; hopefully passing them on to my Grandson. It
      is a worthy goal and I am glad to see it being talked about this
      early. I am willing to bet it will be a very big event in Europe, and
      CFNA can only add to it. I look forward to reliving history again!

      42d RHR

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Kevin Windsor"
      <kevin.windsor@...> wrote:
      > It has been recently discussed and bicentennial events in Europe
      are being
      > looked at. It is all very recent (2 weeks) so there is nothing
      really that
      > has come from it but information is being gathered contacts being
      made etc
      > etc. . .
      > KW
      > _____
      > From: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com [mailto:WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com]
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      > Of James Yaworsky
      > I guess I'm curious to know if any of this has been SERIOUSLY looked
      > at and investigated reasonably thoroughly. The opinions expressed to
      > this group in the past few days (including, of course, mine) have
      > struck me as rather "off the cuff" - and I'm not speaking about
      > facings... OUCH! ;>0
      > Jim Yaworsky
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