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39528Waterloo 2015

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  • James Yaworsky
    Feb 21, 2009
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      Is there a park in one of the many Waterloos in North America that
      could host a "Waterloo 2015" event? Waterloo, Ontario, is fairly
      central to the greatest mass of us. ;>)

      But seriously, I see that the town (or is it a city?) of Austerlitz in
      New York State is holding an annual Napoleonic event now - the only
      connection to the Napoleonic wars being the name of the place.

      If a Waterloo 2015 event happened in North America, it is bound to be
      a big one, so only the biggest of 1812 sites would have the necessary
      space to pull it off. But the PR rewards for a site in hosting
      something like this could be big.

      Evidently Quebec 1759 is now going to be held outside the Province of
      Quebec, so we have a very clear precedent (and, a much better reason)
      for holding a Waterloo somewhere in North America.

      If going to the actual site in Belgium is just too hard to organize,
      then surely this doesn't mean we have to forgo the experience
      entirely. A host site on our side of the pond might even have some
      advantages for a re-enactment that the real one no longer has, due to
      urban sprawl etc. And many of us have already been to a Waterloo,
      and not just once. Not me, unfortunately - I'd love to go in 2015.
      But if it's not happening in Belgium for us, then a big event over
      here would be the next best thing.

      As for who would organize a trip to Belgium, it would probably have to
      be a committee, that would have people on it that work well together,
      with a coordinator who coordinates as opposed to trying to do it all
      him or herself. Essential on the committee would be a person/s who
      have good contacts with all our groups, and with the NA in Europe and
      hopefully with the Belgian authorities/organizers. And the committee
      would need at least one person with past experience of organizing such
      a trip, so the wheel would not have to be reinvented and any lessons
      learned from the big excursions in 1990 and 1995 would be brought to
      the table.

      Jim Yaworsky
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