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  • BritcomHMP@aol.com
    Feb 20, 2009
      In a message dated 2/20/2009 9:00:13 AM Central Standard Time,
      suthren@... writes:

      Waterloo 2015

      If we are not all too old and sick and tired and stupid to participate, I
      would echo Peter Monahan's query as to whether any thought has been given to
      formalized participation in Waterloo 2015 by the Crown Forces North America?
      The Admirable Peter Twist (TAPT) once suggested in the wine-drenched haze of
      one of the Officers's Messes that if the Crown Forces' various units all
      rekitted out simply as redcoated infantry, the CFNA could present a remarkably
      large, remarkably well-drilled addition to the British line in 2015. Costly,
      perhaps. But a sight to behold and be part of. And a nice bookend to the War of
      1812 Bicentennial. Tim, you'd have quite a brigade to command over there....

      Vic Suthren


      Indeed Vic, I have discussed this with Peter in the past and it is indeed 'a
      consumation devoutly to be wished' and it needen't cost too much, basicaly
      just patching over the collar and cuffs, with gray trousers and 1812 shakos for
      all and we are there!

      For myself I have often thought that I should do 2015 as Picton, right age
      and I get to sit out the second half of the battle! Plus I have the same
      initials and it continues my North Amereican tradition of playing dead generals.


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