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39030Re: 8 - "og" ( was order of precedence0

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  • peter monahan
    Jan 15, 2009
      Larry Lozon wrote:

      Sergeant Major:

      Is not the 8th Regiment the 'KINGS'?

      And what is "... left 'og' two ...

      Sir Lawrence

      In keeping with nineteenth century sense of propriety and writing
      conventions "8***" is intended to protect the identity of a regiment
      of the British Army whose number BEGINS with '8' and who are
      otherwise known as "the Irish Rascals". The exact number of the
      regiment is left as an exercise for the student!

      And the phrase "to the left og two... means "to the left OF two...
      Wassa matter, you no read so good?

      Monahan, Sergeant Major, CFNA
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