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383Who won???

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  • Sean
    Feb 22 8:34 AM
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      Sorry to have offended so deeply on this topic. That was not my intention
      when I suggested people stop candy coating their answers. I just tire of
      people never really taking sides on an issue and pussy footing around it
      just to keep everyone else happy. Besides it makes a debate so very much
      more interesting when there are clear cut sides being taken. Just look at
      all the mail zipping around cyberspace now. Unfortunately, I do all my mail
      from work and only get to see what has happened over the weekend after I
      get back on Monday so some of my responses may seem a bit dated but I find
      I must respond to your mail.

      With regards to Lundy's Lane, Touche! I'll go no further on that topic as
      it has been some time since I have read about it and have no source at hand
      from which to quote and support my arguments. I did, however, read Donald
      Graves first book on the subject - The Battle of Lundy's Lane - (I think
      this is what it's called, but I read it several years ago.)

      But to say that we have lost no friends or shed no blood over our flag and
      that it was just handed to us by a mother country that could no longer be
      bothered with us is, well, offensive. I will chalk it up to you miswording
      your phrases due to being fired in the blood at some of my poorly worded
      statements and to a misunderstanding of Canadian/British relations.

      Jim's posting - Family Fights, Sunday - was most excellent. A national
      pride instilling speech of the grandest proportion which I agree with most
      completely. The Canadian government was granted basic home rule in 1867
      with its own council and parliament under its own Prime Minister. We
      maintained the British flag though as it best served our purpose at the
      time. in 1967 Lester Pearson and the Canadian government decided in
      celebration of Canada's 100 years as a nation we would search for a new
      flag and the Maple Leaf was born. We were not handed a flag by a
      disinterested British government and sent on our way to play on our own. We
      earned it, in war and peace on the world stage and as a nation proud of its
      British heritage (sorry to those of French liniage). Please, do not suggest
      that our flag is little more than a bauble; a gift handed to us peace
      loving, smiling, orphans of British disinterest. People have gone to war
      over less.

      As to whether or not people of the time considered themselves Canadian...
      Not all people in Canada were displaced Americans, loyalists or french.
      There were Scots here from the early 1700's on, the French had continually
      occupied the area from the mid 1500's and the British had been settling the
      area seriously from the mid 1700's. People born and bred here considered
      themselves Canadian. They might refer to themselves as per their specific
      language group but they were still Canadian. A french military manual from
      around 1750 refers to the french marines as being officer by mostly
      Canadians. People from an area did not refer to themselves as whatever the
      occupying government of the day was but tended to name themselves after the
      region in which they lived. England rules over almost all of the British
      Isles but you would never hear a Scotsman, a Welshman, or an Northern
      Irishman call himself British. England ruled over India but the Indian's
      didn't refer to themselves as British. So goes it with the people born and
      bred in Canada. Sure not all of them had the same agenda during the war.
      Most saw it as an inconvenient disruption in trade with a neighbour who was
      very much like themselves, spoke the same language and had the same
      problems to deal with that a frontier life has to offer. But one thing is
      for sure, they were Canadian and after the war was over fiercely proud of

      I would also be careful about jokes regarding any future monarch and I know
      that is what they are intended as but, there are a great many Royalists out
      there that might take offence at such statements. Charles may have been
      less than discrete about his affairs and was not a perfect husband but he
      is certainly qualified in every other way. He's an accomplished artist
      who's paintings are on display in several art galleries, he was highly
      educated in the best British Universities, has served in a command capacity
      in both the Navy and Airforce branch of the British military and completed
      the very rigorous parachute course required by the Brit para regiments.
      Along with his various charities and other sundries I would say he is a
      very capable head of state... Guess you could say I'm a Royalist.

      Hail King Geo...Charles???

      Hope I haven't alienated one of my self-styled "supporters!"

      Cpl. Sean Hirst
      Royal Newfoundland Reg't, Lt. Coy
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