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382951805 Royal Navy Sword

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  • Larry Lozon
    Nov 4, 2008
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      My research has come to the conclusion that Navy, Army, Artillery and
      especially Cavalry Officers were Peacocks who loved flashy things.
      They wore their finery to meet dignitaries or Tribal Chiefs so the
      sword in question is not too good for an officer to take on sea
      service as he never knew who he was to meet on the voyage.

      As Navy Officer re-enactors, who should be wearing this reproduction
      sword with a fine dress uniform as he is to encounter spectators who
      would expect it.

      I have heard spectators at an event say,

      " if he is a commander wouldn't he be dressed in a finer uniform than
      his men?" (He wouldn't wear a cutlass, rather a spiffy sword)

      The spectators expect the Crown Forces to wear Red and the Americans
      to wear blue and are confused when Crown Officers wear blue coat.

      They expect Naval Officers to wear blue uniforms.

      (Sorry Rifles, spectators are confused with GREEN as well)


      1805 Royal Navy Sword

      "John Potter" wrote:

      "I agree that these look like excellent swords but my only thought is,
      aren't they a bit too good for an officer to take on sea service?..."
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