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3797141st Lectures on Video?

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  • Tom Fournier
    Oct 7 2:43 PM
      Thank you for the interest and suggestions!

      Part of our mandate is to educate and enrich our local communities
      and our lecture series has been one of our vehicles. We have a great
      sponsor in Wellington Brewery, a wonderful venue in their Iron Duke
      House and a very loyal local following.

      We are all really stunned that this next one will be our 8th lecture
      wrapping up our fourth year of this activity. It has been a real
      pleasure to showcase the body of knowledge resident predominately in
      our extended community.

      We have been exploring options for capturing and sharing this
      experience but this can only be done with the cooperation of our
      speakers and also with an eye to protecting their research and
      insights. There has been consideration for recordings on CDs or DVDs
      or perhaps a streaming video from our website.

      We will see what we can do.

      Thanks again!

      Tom Fournier, Chair
      41st Regiment of Foot MLHG

      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Iain Burns" <iain51hdbw@...> wrote:
      > Gentlemen, you really need to take this show on the road...
      > Has any thought been given to having these lectures at the
      Grand Tacticals, or perhaps videotaping them so us poor, deprived
      Yanks in Brit's clothing here in the mid-Atlantic can get the benefit
      of the series? I would love to be present at the Drum Major's talk,
      but fear that it is a bit far to go from New Jersey...
      > Aye,
      > Iain
      > 1st Royal Scots Centre Coy (1812)
      > 42nd RHR (Napoleonic)
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