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  • mimathews@comcast.net
    Oct 7, 2008
      Whilst perusing the shelves at my local establishment I discovered three bottles of Pusser's Rum. For anyone going to Mississinewa who fears a long hard winter, or simply is addicted to the taste, I can bring these from the great state of Minnesota for the (after taxes and rounding) price of $26USD. Seemingly a noticeable savings over Canadian prices. I offer this as a service to my brethren, not for profit. Always drink in moderation. ;-)

      If anyone wants me to pick up one or more bottles I must know before bedtime Wednesday for we will be starting out on the long trek Southeast at first light Thursday.

      Yours aye,
      Michael Mathews
      #21 3/95th Rifles

      A Truism - For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

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