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37481Re: CFNA representation (was Fairfield)

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  • Dale Kidd
    Sep 4, 2008
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "peter monahan" <petemonahan@...>
      Sgt. Major:

      I ascribe no blame in the matter upon you, sir. I recall well your
      very valiant efforts to assemble a reasonable group of
      representatives to attend the meeting on short notice. To say you
      looked a bit harried in the attempt would be somewhat understating
      the matter, but I must commend you for managing to pull together as
      many of us as you did. My suggestion was intended more directly for
      our superiors, in order to prevent your ever having to duplicate the

      With greatest respect,

      Dale Kidd

      PS: I was told I have a few conditions yet to fulfill prior to
      initiation... Sshhhhhh!

      > Mr Kidd et al
      > As the "messenger" responsible for informing units about the
      > I'm the guy who has to carry the can for missing some units. In my
      > own defence I can only say that I had little more notice myself and
      > fall back on the sentiments of one of my favourite philosophers:
      > "It is unnecessary to attribute to malice what can be
      > explained by stupidity." (Nicoli Macchievelli)
      > I'll try to better next time!
      > P. Monahan, Sgt. Major
      > PS Mr Kidd, sir. If you didn't do the initiation then you
      > probably don't know the secret handshake either, do you?
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