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37421Re: CFNA representation (was Fairfield)

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  • peter monahan
    Sep 3, 2008
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      "Dale Kidd" <ucpm_gunner@...> wrote:

      Allow me to add a brief notation to this discussion:

      At Ft. Erie, a messenger was sent around to the various Crown units
      requesting that one officer or other representative of each unit
      attend Gen. Twist's tent to discuss the all-up events for next
      year... I do note that the B.I.D. was not represented at the
      meeting... I am unsure whether this was a result of the somewhat
      rushed announcement of the meeting... resulting in some units being
      missed. However, I would respectfuly submit that this is one area in
      which we might improve in future... more notice, and a check-off list
      of units notified so that noone is left out.

      Mr Kidd et al

      As the "messenger" responsible for informing units about the meeting,
      I'm the guy who has to carry the can for missing some units. In my
      own defence I can only say that I had little more notice myself and
      fall back on the sentiments of one of my favourite philosophers:

      "It is unnecessary to attribute to malice what can be
      explained by stupidity." (Nicoli Macchievelli)

      I'll try to better next time!

      P. Monahan, Sgt. Major

      PS Mr Kidd, sir. If you didn't do the initiation then you
      probably don't know the secret handshake either, do you?
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