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  • bolton1812
    Aug 18, 2008
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      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com, "Gord Deans" <gord.deans@...>
      > Larry,
      > Of course, you are right. Where would "we" all be without our
      > Provincial Marine.
      > So, what about Royal Navy sailors carrying blanket rolls on land?
      > Good idea?
      > Gord Deans,
      > HMS Charwell Landing Party.

      Interesting. I posted the very same question on the 1812 Royal
      Navy site recently. Perhaps you replied there, I can't remember.
      It was in reference to an Osprey image showing a Royal Navy sailor
      ready to go ashore on a landing party and he was wearing a blanket
      I commented that it seemed logical to me that if they were going
      to stay overnight or possibly for an extended time ashore that a
      blanket (roll) is plausible.
      Of course, it would help if Osprey sited references or sources
      for their renderings in their books!
      Bob Bolton

      > ---------------------
      > Larry Lozon wrote:
      > Gord
      > Why not let lying dogs sleep ...
      > the HMS Detroit Project is dead
      > Be happy of the good outcomes
      > 1. the creation of Provincial Marine
      > 2. the steel hull will be made into a sailing ship
      > 3. we had a good time talking about it
      > 4. the WEASELS know who they are
      > Now shall we denote our energy to another topic
      > Correct 1812 footwear for soldiers
      > ... did they wear low shoes, brogans, etc.?
      > Did their shoes have hobnails, heal and toe plates, etc.
      > More research?
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