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371701812 HMS Detroit

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  • Larry Lozon
    Aug 17, 2008

      Why not let laying dogs lay ...
      the HMS Deroit Project is dead

      Be happy of the good outcomes

      1. the creation of Provincial Marine
      2. the steel hull will be made into a sailing ship
      3. we had a good time talking about it
      4. the WEASELS know who they are

      Now shall we denote our energy to another topic

      Correct 1812 footwear for soldiers
      ... did they wear low shoes, brogans, etc.?
      Did their shoes have hobnails, heal and toe plates, etc.

      More research?!

      Crown Forces Event
      Fort Henry, Kingston, Ontario
      August 23, 24, 2008
      (All Crown Forces encouraged to attend)

      --- Gord Deans wrote:


      " Thank you for the great research. I will try and reconstruct the
      complete picture of Project Detroit just to spite the WEASELS …"
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