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37169RE: 1812 HMS Detroit

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  • Gord Deans
    Aug 17, 2008

      Thank you for the great research. I will try and reconstruct the
      complete picture of Project Detroit just to spite the WEASELS who
      destroyed the original web site and all of that vital information.
      Once knowledge is in the public domain it should remain in the public
      domain. Destroying web sites differs little from burning books.

      I have spent the weekend searching newspaper archives and recovering
      information and photos. I was too "busy" (and did not think of)
      trying a different search engine - Google - and looking into the cache

      "Evil desists and Truth exists where Diligence persists!"

      Gord Deans

      Larry Lozon wrote:

      Gord and all who are interested,

      A Google search came up with:

      HMS Detroit Canada's Flagship
      Project H.M.S. Detroit was incorporated in 1983, as a non-profit ...
      The Project H.M.S. Detroit organization became involved in two
      additional studies that ... www.hmsdetroit.org/background.html

      Cache of http://www.hmsdetroit.org/background.html. reveals

      Organizational Background

      Hope this helps


      Gord Deans wrote:

      "... Larry recounts a brief overview. It would even be better if we
      still had all of the details available to review ..."
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