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  • Larry Lozon
    Aug 17, 2008
      Gord and all who are interested,

      A Google search came up with:

      HMS Detroit Canada's Flagship
      Project H.M.S. Detroit was incorporated in 1983, as a non-profit ...
      The Project H.M.S. Detroit organization became involved in two
      additional studies that ... www.hmsdetroit.org/background.html

      Cache of http://www.hmsdetroit.org/background.html. reveals

      Organizational Background

      The dream to reconstruct a replica of H.M.S. Detroit originally built
      in Amherstburg's navy yard, began in mid-1982 when the idea was
      presented to the local Chamber of Commerce and Amherstburg Town
      Council. Realizing that the H.M.S. Detroit would provide an
      innovative and colourful interpretation of Canadian history as well
      as improving tourism potential in the area, the Project H.M.S.
      Detroit Committee was formed.

      Project H.M.S. Detroit was incorporated in 1983, as a non-profit
      volunteer-based organization with the goal of re-constructing
      Canada's Flag Ship of the War of 1812, the H.M.S. Detroit.

      The committee immediately began research into all aspects of the
      vessel from its history to construction logistics. Support came from
      Windsor's Ford Motor Company, casting replica canons for the warship.
      Local artists got on board contributing H.M.S. Detroit inspired
      paintings for fundraising.

      A souvenir shop in the King's Navy Yard Park Commissariat on
      Amherstburg's waterfront was established to distribute H.M.S. Detroit
      The Town of Amherstburg pledged a home at the base of King's Navy
      Yard Park for mooring of the vessel.
      Federal and Provincial government contacts suggested that a
      feasibility study be completed to determine the financial viability
      of the project prior to any grant proposals. The Federal Ministry of
      Communications, Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation and the
      Ministry of Citizenship and Culture all contributed towards the
      completion of the studies.
      In October 1987, local media revealed that "Feasibility Study
      Confirms H.M.S. Detroit Project Viable". The Project H.M.S. Detroit
      organization became involved in two additional studies that were
      requested by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism and Recreation:

      The Gordon House (built 1798) Feasibility Study, to examine the re-
      use of the historic structure as an attraction itself and as
      headquarters for the committee;
      The Amherstburg Waterfront Study where the King's Navy Yard and the
      entire scope of the operations of the proposed H.M.S. Detroit was
      In 1993, the organization launched the replica "Ship's Boat". The
      event drew energized public support. Fundraising continued to
      generate substantial revenue for the organization.

      Soon after Historic Gordon House received funding under the Canada
      Ontario Infrastructure Works Project for restoration, providing the
      Project H.M.S. Detroit the long awaited sought after headquarters and
      visibility. The organization took possession of Historic Gordon House
      in August of 1996.

      Project H.M.S. Detroit retained London-based Monteith Zelinka to
      develop a Business Plan and Industry Background Report allowing the
      organization to effectively pursue Government and corporate funding.
      To this point, the project represented 12 years of dedicated pursuit
      to restoring a significant part of history in Amherstburg.

      In August of 1996, on the heels of Amherstburg's Bi-Centennial
      weekend celebrations, the Project H.M.S. Detroit Committee proudly
      welcomed over 4000 visitors at their new headquarters. Momentum began
      to build.

      With several private, government, and corporate sponsors onboard,
      August 1998 marked the start of the contract for design of the vessel
      with E.Y.E. Marine Consultants of Dartmouth Nova Scotia. In September
      1998, additional funding was granted through the Federal Government's
      Millennium Partnership Program.

      Spring 2000
      On March 10, 2000, with several new corporate sponsors committed, the
      Project H.M.S. Detroit Committee signed the phase I construction
      contract with ship builder, Hike Metal of Wheatley Ontario.

      Autumn 2000
      On September 10, 2000, the 187th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake
      Erie the Project proudly invited the public to a "Keel Signing
      Ceremony" at the ship yard to signify the start of phase I
      construction. Dignitaries and Sponsors lined the 132' keel to cut the
      Click here to view photos for this event.

      Winter 2000
      In December of 2000, the Ontario Trillium Foundation approved funding
      to the Project Committee to document the building of the replica
      H.M.S. Detroit, and create an educational video highlighting its

      On September 10, 2001, the 188th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake
      Erie, the Town of Amherstburg approved funding to the organization.

      On August 17, 2002 the replica hull of the H.M.S. Detroit was
      launched at Wheatley Ontario and towed to her home port in
      Amherstburg were she found U.S. Flag Ship "Niagara" awaiting her
      arrival. In a grand ceremony of peace and welcome, the roar of canon
      fire was once again heard at the mouth of Lake Erie, this time in
      celebration of friendship.
      Click here to view photos for this event.

      H.M.S. Detroit Christening Ceremony took place on August 24, In the
      Year of Our Lord, 2002 at three o'clock in afternoon. As a sign of
      peace and friendship, Niagara's Captain John Bebe-Center placed the
      American Flag and a replica of U.S. Commodore Perry's battle
      flag "Don't Give up the Ship" on the deck of H.M.S. Detroit. This was
      H.M.S. Detroit's proudest and most humbling moment to date.
      Click here to view photos for this event.

      With community support in full bloom, financial assistance came from
      local businesses for an evening reception on board U.S. Brig Niagara
      for H.M.S. Detroit Dignitaries and Sponsors. The glorious moment of
      accomplishment speared the organizers to forge ahead to the task of
      phase II & III construction activities.

      Jim Yaworsky has already posted The Windsor Star atricle :

      A'burg loses HMS Detroit project to U.S.
      'It exemplifies the total incompetency of that committee . and of the
      Town of Amherstburg'
      Doug Schmidt, The Windsor Star
      Published: Thursday, August 14, 2008
      AMHERSTBURG -- A town's quarter-century-old dream to build the
      biggest tall ship in the Great Lakes, at a cost of millions of
      dollars in locally raised and taxpayer funding, has been scuttled
      following word that the steel hull of the controversial HMS Detroit
      replica will be towed to a new home in the ocean playground of
      Newport, R.I. ….

      Hope this helps


      Gord Deans wrote:

      "... Larry recounts a brief overview. It would even be better if we
      stillhad all of the details available to review..."
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