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3657Re: The "Turncoat"

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  • NINETY3RD@xxx.xxx
    Jan 4, 2000
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      Here's another off the Revlist------

      From: John Fraser <jfraser@...>

      As a re-enactor of a private soldier in the 71st regiment, I am frequently
      asked why a free American citizen of the 21st century would willingly
      portray a British soldier of the 18th century. The question is often asked
      in very impolite terms, including suggestions that we are somehow "English".

      Within the ranks of the 71st, I have heard many reasons given for our
      portrayal. The explanation that seems best to me is simply stated:

      We portray professional soldiers in the British army of the 18th century to
      demonstrate the huge price the American (and French) forces paid for our
      latter-day freedoms. We demonstrate the valor of the Continental Army, the
      colonial militia, and others by portraying the zealous professionals of the
      British army who were defeated only by great sacrifice.

      RevList - http://www.meridian.com/revlist/
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