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  • Tom Fournier
    Jun 30, 2008
      Today's group site picture got me thinking ...

      How easy for me to pose for a photo op and make light of the moment,
      but in a way that is a tremendous dis-service to our naval

      We in the 41st have been extremely fortunate; we were guests at the
      2007 School of the Sailor at Amhertsberg in honour of the 41st's role
      as emergency fill-ins during the Battle of Lake Erie. We have also
      had several additional moments to be on the boats since.

      I must profess to the utmost admiration to our fine comrades in the
      navy. Theirs' is a tricky craft that requires considerable skill and
      knowledge; something that they seek to enhance at every School.

      We have seen first hand the crews of the HMS Auld Alliance, HMS Dawn
      Star, HMS Rolette, HMS Witch of A'Berg and HM Schooner Ferret at work
      in trying conditions. What tremendous skill they possess!

      I offer my sincere gratitude and appreciation to our hard working
      naval folks as they prepare for their 2008 school at Discovery


      Tom Fournier, Captain
      41st Regiment of Foot
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