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3632Hello to one and all!

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  • dancingbobd@xxxxx.xxx
    Jan 1, 2000
      Howdy everyone, I'm Bob Droian.After reading the messages for the last several days I thought I ought to jump in and let you all know that I am now one of you (listees, that is). I live in Independence, Missouri and re-enact througout the Cental time zone. Locally I am a member of the Fort Osage Garrison along with Dave Hinkley. I also do a number of events with the 7th US Infantry.I have two impessions that I regularly portray, Surgeon and Engineer. Soooooo, my interests include medicine of the period and the form and constrction of field fortifications.I also do quite a bit of Mexican War re-enacting and 1840's - 1850's Topographical Engineer explorations.I also bleong to a group that does Santa Fe trail interpretation. In recent years I ve been the Engineer at Mississsenewa and at Chalmette.(Both in LA ans IN)In addition to being a HISTORY adict, I am adicted to dancing, ballroom and swing. (As in 3 dancing parties to ring in the new year yesterday!!!)Last year Dave Hinkley published my small book on diseases of the Mexican War, DEAD WITHOUT A FIGHT. It covers all the things that 10% of the troops died from, while oly about 2% died from fighting the enemy. The diseases encountered are the same ones in the 1812 time period and the treatment differs little.I want ot wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2000 and hope we can all learn lost more good stuff on the list during the next 12 months.Bob
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