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36187Fort Meigs Weekend

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  • Tom Fournier
    May 26, 2008
      Good afternoon list!

      I am pleased to report that the weather was amazing in Perrysburg,
      Ohio this weekend for the annual "First Seige Weekend" at Fort Meigs.

      The 41st Regiment were so pleased to return to one of their most
      favourite sites. The appeal to us is an obvious strong connection to
      the history of the 41st Regiment, an amazing site, a great museum and
      bookstore, incredible beautiful and friendly local communities and
      above all fantastic hosts and very good friends.

      Thank you to the staff, volunteers and friends of Fort Meig. It was
      all quite excellent!

      There were three "ambushes in the ravine" through the course of the
      weekend with the 41st Regiment, the Caldwell Rangers and the Royal
      Scots Grenadiers each taking a turn at providing the nasty surprise!

      Saturday's battle was a recreation of Dudley's Massacre and Sunday's
      was Miller's Charge.

      Other weekend highlights were a memorial march from the ruins of Fort
      Miamis (British camp during the seige) to Fort Meigs and the 2nd
      Annual "Burn the Wheel" ceremony (inside joke that we are more than
      willing to share if you join us at Fort Meigs!) and the truly
      excellent Saturday night dinner.

      I hope to have photos up on our website soon and will advise as to
      when I activate the albums.

      If you have never been, please talk to a member of the 41st to find
      out why we love the site and the event so much.


      Your most humble and obedient Servant,

      Tom Fournier, Captain
      41st Regiment of Foot
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