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36016Re: 2008 GT Site Update

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  • Dave Westhouse
    Apr 30, 2008
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      Okay I'm sold. Where do I sign up? Wait a minute I was already going.
      Can I go twice? Wow, what an event. Are you sure 3 days is enough?
      How are we going to pack it all in? Just kidding. Fort McHenry,
      Washington DC, Riversdale, THE Grand Tactical, a MEAL plan. WOW.

      Amazing the work and detail that is going into this event. So far all
      should be congratulated for the work that has been done so far.

      If I could squeeze someone else into my van I would but ask anyone in
      my group and they will tell you they are amazed at what I DO get into
      my van having to pack 5 of us in there.

      If the information on the website and from Mr. Abolt's note isn't
      inticement enough I don't know what is.

      Dave Westhouse,
      1st (Royal Scots) Regiment.


      Several updates have been made to the 2008 Grand Tactical Site at

      If you have additions or suggested changes, please email me through
      the site.

      Betsy Bashore
      19th US Infantry, Northwest Army
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