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35455Re: [War Of 1812] other periods

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  • Todd Post
    Mar 1, 2008
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      Actually, the one soldier I had who had the biggest problem in mixing
      up drill wasn't into other time periods but could not "deprogram"
      himself from his service in the U.S. Navy decades ago.

      Todd Post
      12th US Infantry Regiment

      On Mar 1, 2008, at 2:19 AM, JGIL1812@... wrote:

      > <<Other people do just two time periods and get screwed up with the
      > drill to the point where they end up in a sort of "twilight zone' -
      > their drill is a mixture of both time periods, thus infuriating their
      > comrades in each time zone...>>
      > Jim,
      > I have seen this to. That is why I am encouraging "cross dressers"
      > to start
      > joining our hobby now. Hopefully, by the time of the bi centennial the
      > "twilight zone" will become the "reality zone" of 1812 in drill and
      > appearance.
      > It also gives them plenty of time to begin getting their kit
      > together instead
      > of trying to put together something at the last minute that may or
      > may not
      > fit the time period.
      > JG/RE
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