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35447Re: [War Of 1812] Other Periods

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  • Todd Post
    Feb 29, 2008

      Thanks for clarifying...yes, that would be terrifying! In my
      experience though, the guilty parties in such things are when events
      are run by sites and not reenactors (without a reenactor coordinator
      from the community) as they don't know the nuances and just want
      attendees. I know that F&I guys don't want people showing up in
      RevWar clothing at their events and constantly have to fight that,
      people stretch it with wearing F&I stuff at RevWar events (how likely
      is it that a garment would be servicable after decades of wear?), and
      when I attended the Bicentennial of Washington's Funeral there were
      very few participants in 1790s clothing.

      The worst though was I was contacted once by a producer working on a
      program for the History Channel on the Hamilton/Burr duel who wanted
      RevWar reenactors because they were "close enough" for 1804. I tried
      to explain to her that it would be like getting a WWI doughboy to
      portray the beaches of Normandy...it's just not the same. She finally
      listened, but it will take a while.

      To keep this sort of thing happening though, I hate to say it (as I
      know some will cringe at the idea) but some basic, minimum
      authenticity standards should probably be drafted and generally agreed
      to as the Bicentennial comes closer. You know, things like "No
      Confederates..." <G>

      Todd Post
      12th US Infantry Regiment

      On Feb 29, 2008, at 3:57 PM, JGIL1812@... wrote:

      > The one thing that does terrify me is that some event somewhere will
      > not
      > have enough "boots on the ground" so they will turn to their local
      > rev/silly war
      > unit and we'll have the US forces wearing butternut and the Brits
      > wearing
      > long tailed coats and bicorn's sending the wrong message to the
      > public about
      > the War of 1812.
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