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  • Todd Post
    Feb 29, 2008
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      Don't fear us "rev war re enactors" too much. We're not so bad once
      you get to know us...only sorta bad. <G>

      Seriously though, most of the guys in the units I'm involved with do
      multiple time periods...I call it being a "History Whore" and have to
      admit to being one myself. I started doing Revolutionary War, then
      got into American Civil War, from there World War I, crossing over
      into French & Indian War, and finally War of 1812. Most of it had to
      do with geography and finding the right unit. I started in
      Revolutionary War because I grew up in northern New Jersey and was a
      stone's throw from any number of sites. I can document battles and
      encampments in my home town, and part of Charles Lee's court martial
      took place there. I moved to Virginia ten years ago and started a new
      Revolutionary War group, and the two guys I started it with did Civil
      War and WWI, so I did some stuff with groups they belonged to because
      of that. A couple of years ago I recruited a guy who is passionate
      about French & Indian War and he ended up convincing a bunch of us to
      do that too.

      My interest in War of 1812 started about four years ago talking with a
      friend who was in town for a Company of Military Historian's meeting
      who used to do the 15th United States Infantry Regiment up north. I
      started to poke around in my area and got to know Steve Abolt through
      a member of my Revolutionary War unit who lived across the street from
      him and we talked about joining the 7th. When Steve moved to Georgia
      I decided to start a local group doing the 12th United States Infantry
      Regiment since it was raised in Virginia, fought in Canada and in the

      Maybe it's because I'm in Virginia, where you can't turn around
      without something Civil War hitting you in the face. Because of that,
      there are a lot of Civil War reenactors down here and a lot of them
      get bored or burned out, so they look to other time periods. So it's
      a fertile recruiting opportunity for "other than Civil War..."
      especially if stand out in some way from what does exist. For
      instance, my Revolutionary War group considers itself "progressive" (I
      know, a dirty word in some circles), but there is a niche for that
      sort of thing and so we have gotten recruits from "progressive" Civil
      War groups looking for something new. In fact, two of the guys
      pictured in those photos I posted in my earlier response to Vic's
      "greying out" comments are Civil War converts who do a tremendous job
      at interpreting to the public.

      I would consider guys from other time periods to be untapped resources
      and nothing to fear. I know people don't want to hear "This is how we
      do it in RevWar..." or had a bad run in with a foaming at the mouth
      Civil War "hardcore campaigner", but these guys can be assets and they
      can make contributions. I'm putting together an event to portray a
      siege and the guys I know who do World War I are turning out to be a
      great asset because that's what they do twice a year at their
      Newville, PA site...trench warfare! I've never done more than local
      small interpretive Civil War events, but I used to subscribe to the
      Camp Chase Gazette because there used to be great "how to" articles
      about best practices that I found were relevant outside of that time

      Todd Post
      12th US Infantry Regiment

      On Feb 28, 2008, at 5:06 PM, JGIL1812@... wrote:

      > My greatest fear is seeing "silly war" or "rev war" re enactors
      > dressed and running the show for an 1812 event. We want to welcome
      > the to the time period but also help them and newbies into the ranks
      > as authentically as possible without turning them away or off
      > completely.
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