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351Re: This Day in History part 3...

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  • NINETY3RD@aol.com
    Feb 20, 1999
      I won't copy in all of Sgt. Pud's great article on Ogdensburgh, --- and some
      may know what's coming -- I cannot help but do a little comparison to New
      Orleans (OK - I'm sorry! I'm NO fixated. I admit it!).
      On a flippant side, it shows what might have happened at NO had all that water
      and mud and bayou grahdoo been frozen over!
      On the serious side, it again shows the tactics of the time period and how
      fortified positions were assaulted -- and taken -- under heavy fire. It is
      what the NO assault on 8 January *should* have culminated in.
      There are a number of interesting parallels betwixt the two!

      Major Disaster Jennings
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