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34949Exciting New Books!

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  • deadlywoman52
    Feb 8, 2008
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      Hello all! Bob Blakeley and Cheryl MacDonald would like to announce
      the publication of two exciting new books.

      2008 War of 1812 Heritage Calendar and Book of Days -- 136 pages --
      has an interesting War of 1812 fact for every day of the year, plus
      illustrations. Also included are a list of 2008 War of 1812 re-
      enactments, list of War of 1812 battles and TWO indexes (one
      personal names, one general index.)

      The second book is even more exciting -- you have to check this out
      because you may be part of it!! HYSTERICAL RE-ENACTING: Hilarious
      Tales from Historical Re-enactments. Great photos by Steve Zronik,
      plus more than 30 chapters by long-time re-enactors, including Ron
      Dale, Lyn Downer, Tom Hurlbutt, Richard Waddington, Roy Winders,
      Bill Kovacs and Dave Westwood.

      Check it out at www.lulu.com -- just type Blakeley into the "Search"
      option and you'll find them.

      Bob and Cheryl will also be doing a presentation in Stoney Creek --
      at Battlefield House Administration Centre (NOT Battlefield HOUSE)
      on Tuesday, February 12. For more info, contact Bob.

      And by the way -- that is a VULTURE on the cover!