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  • deadlywoman52
    Feb 8, 2008
      Hello all! Bob Blakeley and Cheryl MacDonald would like to announce
      the publication of two exciting new books.

      2008 War of 1812 Heritage Calendar and Book of Days -- 136 pages --
      has an interesting War of 1812 fact for every day of the year, plus
      illustrations. Also included are a list of 2008 War of 1812 re-
      enactments, list of War of 1812 battles and TWO indexes (one
      personal names, one general index.)

      The second book is even more exciting -- you have to check this out
      because you may be part of it!! HYSTERICAL RE-ENACTING: Hilarious
      Tales from Historical Re-enactments. Great photos by Steve Zronik,
      plus more than 30 chapters by long-time re-enactors, including Ron
      Dale, Lyn Downer, Tom Hurlbutt, Richard Waddington, Roy Winders,
      Bill Kovacs and Dave Westwood.

      Check it out at www.lulu.com -- just type Blakeley into the "Search"
      option and you'll find them.

      Bob and Cheryl will also be doing a presentation in Stoney Creek --
      at Battlefield House Administration Centre (NOT Battlefield HOUSE)
      on Tuesday, February 12. For more info, contact Bob.

      And by the way -- that is a VULTURE on the cover!