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  • MHS
    Jan 13, 2008
      Dear Doug,

      McFarthingbowl's Re-enactment Supplies in Belgium sell a bound copy:

      Rules and Regulations for the Manual and Platoon Exercises,

      Formations, Field-Exercise, and Movements of His Majesty's

      Forces 1807. Facsimile ? 25,00

      Its not a period binding but officers would have had their copy bound professionally to withstand the rigours of campaign. It may not be historically correct for a private to posses one but you could always claim to have "liberated it from an Officer who no longer needed it" ;-)

      e-mail: info@...

      Mc Farthingbowl's
      Re-enactment Supplies
      Tel./fax: 0032 (0)14 716783
      Ravels, Belgium
      BTW/VAT: BE 501 480 102

      Mise le meas,
      Barry Walsh, Cpt. 86th Foot


      Barry Walsh
      86th (Leinster) Regiment of Foot
      Lord Edward's Own Re-enactment Group
      e-mail: monhistsoc@...

      Doug Clark wrote:
      >My name is Doug Clark and I am a new member (2007) to the 1st Royal
      >Scots Grenadiers. I am located in southern Ontario, near Guelph. This
      >is my first year in 1812 re-enacting, however I have been involved
      >with American Civil War since 2000.
      >I have a pdf version of the Drill Manual for His Majesty's Forces
      >(1816), however I was wondering if there is a publisher or vendor of a
      >bound version of this manual. It is always nice to have a pocket size
      >copy in your haversack or foot locker for bedtime reading or to while
      >the hours under a shady tree. Right now I am big information sponge
      >and want to learn the "right" ways to do things from the original
      >manuals themselves.
      >many thanks, Doug Clark

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