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34644Re: [War Of 1812] Manual of Arms

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  • roy winders
    Jan 13, 2008
      Large print for me please

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      Subject: [War Of 1812] Manual of Arms

      The Norfok Mercantile, publisher of The Civilian Soldier, A Complete
      History of the Norfolk Militia, 1796 to 2007, The War of 1812 Calendar-
      Book of Days, and Hysterical Re-enacting, would be very interested in
      publishing a Manual of Arms for War of 1812 Re-enactors.
      Can anyone suggest the best original source for this material? We would
      want to reprint it in the original style, not the PDF version, and the
      same size as the original.
      Our thinking is it should be hard cover, to put up with the rigours of
      battle, available to all, in the most historically correct form we can
      Any suggestions would be appreciated.
      Bob Blakeley

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